How to Deal with Indigestion during Pregnancy


Did you know that it is common to experience discomfort in your digestive system when you are pregnant? But there is no need to suffer irregular bowels when you have an easy dietary solution available at home. Pregnancy can affect digestion but eating adequate amount of fibre aids in smooth functioning of your digestive system.

Indigestion during Pregnancy

You will often feel constipated during pregnancy. This is due to the rising levels of progesterone in the body which causes the muscles, especially the ones in the digestive tract to relax and slow down the passage of food through the digestive tract. Though this reduced movement of food through the system is good for both you and the baby, as it allows for optimal absorption of nutrition, it often leads to congestions and difficulty in bowel movements.

Facing Stomach Problems during Pregnancy?

Even when you are not faced with the perils of constipation, fibre should be an integral part of your diet. Fibre has time and again proved itself to be the one food that helps streamline your digestive tract and ensures the smooth movements of your bowels. Including dietary fibre, therefore, becomes all the more necessary at the delicate stage of pregnancy.

The Benefits of Fibre

Fibre gives you the feeling of satiation and helps you control your hunger for a longer time. Therefore, fibre is also instrumental in managing your weight.
It helps to bulk up your stool and regulates the movement of the waste through the intestine.
Facilitating the growth of good bacteria in the intestine is also an important role of the fibre.
The functions performed by fibre make it a perfect dietary solution for dealing with gut problems and lowering bad cholesterol in the body.

Increase Fibre in Your Diet

Experts recommend that during your pregnancy you must consume around 25 to 35 grams of fibre everyday. Here are a few ways you can optimize dietary fibre for dealing with pregnancy indigestion:

Before using them for cooking or eating them raw, fruits and vegetables must be washed thoroughly and moreover fruits must be cleaned off of their wax coating for avoiding any complications due to forging elements.

Remember, eating a balanced diet is vital for pregnant women. Make sure you consume the right amount of foods from each food group. You can find out more about Nutrition Guidance during pregnancy here.