Exercise and Yoga during Pregnancy


Yoga for Your Prenatal Needs

Staying active during your pregnancy is essential as it helps you deal with common discomforts faced during this period. It helps keep you fit and maintain overall health that would benefit your baby’s growth and development and also lets you manage your health post pregnancy.

Moreover, regular exercise and yoga during pregnancy can go a long way in preparing you for child birth. Prenatal Yoga helps you release your stress levels and keeps you fit in the process. It also helps in making labour easier.

Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy for Normal Delivery

Yoga not only improves physical health but also helps you centre your mind and improve the respiratory channel. Briefly yoga has the following advantages:

Yoga Exercise during Pregnancy

Here is a basic yoga routine that you can inculcate in your daily prenatal care

Breathing exercises - This includes slow, steady and deep breathing while focusing on inhaling and exhaling.

Yoga Asanas / Postures - These are different ways of positioning your body for developing you strength and endurance.

Cooling down and relaxation - Be it Yoga or any other form of prenatal exercise it is necessary to cool down and relax for restoring your heart rate and breathing rhythm to normal.

During exercising, avoid bending from your back. Always bend from the hip.
Avoid lying on your abdomen.

Pre-cautions while exercising during prenatal care

Speaking to your doctor

Your doctor is the best person to list out the do’s and don’ts of your prenatal care. Especially when you are doing something physical like yoga you will need to understand your limitations and the care that needs to be taken from a doctor.

Moderation is the key

Yoga is a means to relax and must be done in moderation. Do not push yourself as you would; during regular workouts. Do not extent your session beyond 30 minutes.

Staying hydrated

During your yoga session make sure you take in enough fluids to keep yourself hydrated.

Well-ventilated and pleasant atmosphere

Conduct your daily session in an environment that is pleasant and well-ventilated.

Exercises done with the guidance of expert doctors do not harm you in any way. Even if you were not engaging in any workout form earlier, you can start a pregnancy exercise regime just the same.

Being physically active will help you manage your weight and help you get accustomed to your weight gain. Also, post pregnancy it will be easier for you to get back in shape.