Regional Diet Plan for Pregnant Women


As an expecting mother, you have to make a lot of choices such as altering your lifestyle, habits and most importantly your diet during this period. You must ensure that your diet comprises of the optimal nutrition not only for yourself but also to ensure the proper growth of your baby, post pregnancy.

The significance of a Diet Plan in Pregnancy

A nutritious or healthy diet does not mean that you have to follow some special diet chart for pregnant women. It simple suggests that you have to consciously watch what you intake and include a variety of healthy foods in your diet on a daily basis, which will ensure a healthy pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, what you include in your diet is the determining factor for your baby’s future growth and your own health, post pregnancy.

A healthy diet would mostly include plant-based foods which would comprise of vegetables, fruits, potatoes, cereals, beans and lentils. In addition to these plant-based foods, a healthy diet also includes milk and milk products, fish and lean meat.

Creating a Regional Diet Plan for Pregnant Women

In a country like India, where there are so many varieties and options available for different fruits, vegetables, pulses and grains it is easy to lose track of your eating habits. When you are expecting for the first time, it becomes all the more vital to strike that right balance of nutrition from all food groups on a daily basis.

There is no rule book for preparing a diet chart for pregnant women, but it is easier if you have meals at equal intervals during the day and plan your meals for each day of the week. For expecting mothers, it is best to have 3 full meals during the day and since India is a land of diverse food options why not take the opportunity to indulge in all the good stuff from North, South and West India.

Remember that along with pulses and grains that provide you proteins and carbohydrates, fibre is also an essential part of your diet, not only from a nutrition stand point but also to combat indigestion and constipation that are common issues relating to pregnancy.

What not to eat?

As you are ‘always eating for two’ during your pregnancy, it is vital to remove certain foods and habits that may prove harmful in the future, these are:
Alcohol, smoking, raw and uncooked vegetables, unpasteurized dairy products and caffeine.

Moreover, there are certain medications that are harmful for your baby’s health. These medications can also create issues for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Therefore, it is advisable to always consult your doctor before taking any medication during pregnancy and breast feeding.