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Stimulation Activities: Teach your baby how to eat


Good nutrition is an important factor responsible for your child's brain development. But there can be more to meal times than just the nutritional benefits. Meal times are the perfect opportunity for you to shape-up your child’s developing brain through positive, supportive interactions and face-to-face communication while also promoting his/her independence through self-feeding.1,2

Infants start learning self-feeding skills as they develop fine motor skills and gain better control of the mouth and face muscles. It is between 6 months and one year of age, that infants are generally ready for self-feeding.1 So here are a few tips on how to teach your baby to eat solids.

Ensure that you do not hurry with the mealtimes as children take time to practice these new feeding skills.1

Teach Your Kids How to Eat
Teach Your Kids How to Eat
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