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Stimulation Techniques: Age-wise activities guide between 4 to 6 Months


Right from the time of birth, babies are constantly learning about the world around them. Between the age of 4 to 6 months, your baby’s memory and attention span increases.1 Recognizing pictures is an important first step and an emerging literacy skill in babies.2 Your baby will also quickly discover that objects like bells and keys that make interesting sounds when moved or shaken.1 During this period when your babies are exploring new objects and trying to communicate, you should encourage this behavior by playing some fun games with them.1


Here are a few handy stimulation activities for your little one’s brain development

Give your baby a little more of tummy time to help them move2

Let them feel the things around them2

It’s time to talk, sing, and play peek-a-boo2,3

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