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Stimulation activities for cognitive development from 18 to 24 months


Once your toddler crosses the age of 18 months, he / she is now all set to walk, run and climb with greater skills. You will now notice a new sense of independence emerging in your toddler’s mannerisms. You may often notice your toddler copying your daily activities like brushing hair, dressing up, and feeding.1 At age 1, your toddler may be working on a wobbly walk, they may be just starting to use words, but as they grow, they will gradually start balancing briefly on one foot and speaking in short sentences. This is an important time during which you can include a number of stimulation techniques and activities to help your child’s cognitive development. During this period, toddlers will learn and enjoy more through games and activities played with you and others.1,2


Stimulation technique: Level up the motor games3

Stimulation technique: Teach them something new3

Stimulation technique: Make some noise3

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