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Why proper nutrition during pregnancy is vital for your baby’s brain development


The conception of a child is the kind of good news that excites all family members. There’s a sense of inherent responsibility that comes with this feeling, especially for the mother. Good nutrition during pregnancy is vital for the baby’s brain development. The relationship between pregnancy nutrition and health is crucial for all mothers. Foods consumed during pregnancy play an important role in the overall health and development of the baby as well as the mother.1

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Pregnancy is the most important developmental period in life during which there is rapid growth of the baby’s brain. Inadequate or poor nutritional intake during pregnancy can be associated with the long-term health effects on the child where he/she may experience substantial loss of physical and intellectual development in their later life.2 The last 3 months of pregnancy are one of the most critical periods of your baby’s brain development.3

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Smart nutrients for a baby’s brain3 development

Pregnancy foods for a baby’s brain development

Brain-friendly foods are important to keep in mind for the brain development of a baby during pregnancy. These nutritional pregnancy foods include:3

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