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Make toys with locally available materials for your baby


After going through multiple options available in toys you may think that toys for your baby are better if they are expensive. But that is not true, the best toys are those selected based on their suitability to your baby’s age and interests. Usually, engaging toys are often home made from readily available items such as fabric, bottles, cardboard boxes, yarn, cooking pans, pinecones—the options are virtually endless. And you can make sure this happens when you make use of the play materials with locally available resources for your kids. Making toys with locally available materials is a joy onto itself. Using basic materials and your creativity, you can stimulate play and facilitate your baby’s development across all domains including cognitive.1


Following are few tips to make play materials with locally available resources:2

Squeeze Toy

Hand puppets

Picture Puzzle

Threading beads

Seed Sacking (for children 4 years old or older.)

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