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All you need to know about the baby’s brain development during pregnancy


Even before a woman gives birth, she starts thinking like a mother. Mothers-to-be often wonder what they can do to aid in shaping her baby's brain health and intellect.

The foetal brain undergoes various phases of development.1 During the first trimester, the nerve cells develop but are not formed as the brain. Sensory organs such as the skin, eyes, ears as well as nerves are not formed during this stage, so the foetus cannot feel pain. Healthy fats from different foods are required during the first trimester since about 70% of the new tissues are based on fats.1

The nerve functions start to coordinate during the second trimester. Also, the sensory organs and nerves develop during this phase. The baby can start feeling during the fifth month, even though the sensations are quite limited. Again, the healthy fats help in faster development and better nerve associations.1

The brain starts generating learning capabilities and beginning memories during the third trimester. So, exposure to soothing music and sounds can alter the child’s personality in later life.1 Here are a few tips that can show a positive impact on your baby’s brain development during pregnancy:2

Brain Health Development
Brain Health Development
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