A Smooth Transition: Going Back to Work After a Baby


Maternity leave can seem to come to an end very rapidly, often leaving the new mother in quite a dilemma: should she resume work? Or should she stay at home with her baby?

If you are a mother who has to go back to work, don’t dread the idea of joining office after having a baby. Working mothers must often deal with multiple challenges. But proper planning and organizing can make the transition very simple for you.

Tips for going back to work after a baby

Lactation and work
If your baby is still breastfeeding, start preparing your baby to drink milk from a bottle or cup, even before you go back to work.

Arranging childcare
The transition can be smoother if the childcare arrangement is simple.  Some mothers have a member of the family who’s available to take care of the baby. If not, look up for local childcare facilities — make sure you check that the facility has taken all safety aspects into consideration. Additionally, childcare environments are often stimulating and good for children.

Divide the housework
Try to divide the household chores between you and your husband, or other members of the family.

Give time to your child
Even the very best of childcare cannot take the place of a parent. Find ways to spend quality time with your child.

Flexible working
Depending on your company’s policy, talk to your employer about flexible working hours. This could mean sharing jobs, working from home or even working part-time.

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