Baby’s Health and Development Tips

Developmental Milestones

Know what developmental milestones your baby will achieve; at 6 months, at one year and at two years

Activities to Help Your Baby's Growth & Brain Development

Learn which activities can support your baby's growth & brain development during their initial few years

My Baby's Teeth

Know when and how teeth appear, typical symptoms of teething and how you can help relieve their discomfort

Cow's Milk for Baby

Did you know babies under 1 year of age find it hard to digest cow’s milk? Resolve many more queries related to cow’s milk

Milk Protein Allergy

Milk protein allergy is a common food allergy seen in infants; understand what it is and how you can help your baby

Premature Baby /Low Birth Weight Baby

Caring for Your Premature Baby

Taking care of a baby who is born early (“premature”) is challenging, but you need to ensure proper care

Unique Nutrition Needs

Babies born premature or has low birth weight has unique nutritional need and mother’s milk is specially designed for it

Quality of Survival

Parents and doctors have to take special care of premature babies and babies with low birth weight to help them grow well

Kangaroo Care

Know more about kangaroo care method that fulfils special needs of warmth, breastfeeding, safety and affection

Baby's Nutrition

Breast Feeding Best For The Baby

Breastfeeding is best for the baby as breast milk is packed with essential nutrients to help in growth of your baby

Your Nutrition During Breastfeeding

During breastfeeding what you eat is what your baby eats. Here’s why breastfeeding mother’s diet and food choices are vital

Breast Feeding Challenges are Common

Though breastfeeding is a natural biological process, many mothers find it challenging, especially in the early days

Baby Diet Plan

As babies grow, what they eat, and how much they eat will change. Here’s a handy note on how you can keep up with it

Feeding Tips

Both mom and baby will take time to get the hang of breastfeeding—here are 10 useful points to remember as you breastfeed

Feeding Questions - Get Experts Help

Mothers certainly have questions and worries about breastfeeding—here are few frequently asked questions on breastfeeding

Weaning Your Baby/ Weaning Tips

Weaning is the process to gradually introduce a variety of solid foods to your baby. Some handy tips to wean your child

Monthwise Baby Nutrition Needs

Children’s nutritional need change as they grow—Learn more about what, how and when to feed your, baby from birth to 2 years

My Baby's Stool Pattern- Healthy Digestion for a Healthy Growth

A baby’s bowel movements undergoes many changes—in colour, consistency and frequency, leaving clues of their health

Back To Work

Working mothers deal with multiple challenges. But proper planning and organizing can make the transition very smooth

Fussy Eating

Meal times can become a battle for some mothers, making them worried. Here are few handy tips for handling a fussy eater

New Born Baby Sleep Pattern & Feeding Tips

Every baby has a unique pattern of waking and sleeping but you can help them to develop a regular sleep pattern

IAP Vaccination Schedule

Vaccines protect your baby from infections. So, consult your child’s doctor regularly to follow the vaccination schedule